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Endea- Tested on friends

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This was the first time I had the courage to try a soap bar for my hair and I was not disappointed. I was expecting greasy hair, a long period of accommodation and just a messy hair day...month...year. It was not the case at all. The first time I used the soap my hair was clean but comparing to my normal shampoo this time it had more volume and it was super soft. Circumstances made me wash my hair every day and doing so I was not happy with my hair because if you use it this often you hair gets somehow heavy but if you wash your hair (as a normal human) every 2'-3'rd day it worked perfectly for me. I will continue washing with this amazing soap and feeling so happy that I finally made this step. I waited for 2 years- that's how scared I was to make this important step and I am so proud and happy. Also, the soap bars for the body are just perfection.

I also have to mention what a friendly and amazing company Endea is- perfect customers service, all natural products, tested on friends, delivery by bike IN A PAPER BAG and paper boxes and so many more special initiatives. It just makes my heart happy and I am so proud to be able to support such beautiful romanian entrepreneurs. In this period, with all the terrible things happening in this beautiful country of ours, this kind of people are the only thing that gives me hope and reminds me of why I love my country so much.

I bought from Endea for my hair: Spuma Berii and two others soap bars for the body and face: Nuts about you and Cinnamon after 9




really excited to try out the fi-ne sticky minty something deo from @fine_deodorant. I really appreciate the beautiful hand writing on the envelope, the paper scotch tape, the natural ingredients, the fair practices and the customer service. Deodorant is the product I struggle most with in my efforts to live zerowaste. #zerowastelifestyle #zerowastedeodorant #naturaldeodorant #zerowaste #finedeodorant #fineberlin 
- will be blogging about it after I give it a fair try!


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