really excited to try out the fi-ne sticky minty something deo from @fine_deodorant. I really appreciate the beautiful hand writing on the envelope, the paper scotch tape, the natural ingredients, the fair practices and the customer service. Deodorant is the product I struggle most with in my efforts to live zerowaste. #zerowastelifestyle #zerowastedeodorant #naturaldeodorant #zerowaste #finedeodorant #fineberlin 
- will be blogging about it after I give it a fair try!


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Atinge is this beautiful brand born in the heart of Transilvania, the land where my soul finds peace and my mind feels inspired. In my journey to live a more sustainable, organic life and to appreciate and support local business and artists I was lucky enough to find this beautiful brand. From the packaging to the ingredients, I truly believe that this brand fits perfectly with what I embrace in life. I love the fact that the packaging is mostly paper and glass. I would love if in the future they will switch (the creams containers lids) from plastic lids to metal ones (still, the container can be reused.) I have a very dry skin and "Velvet" feels so moisturising and at the same time it feels very light. I absolutely adore the texture of this cream and the smell is simply divine- every time I put it on my skin I feel right in the middle of a summer field! You need to try their divine products! 


wearing: - ie "romanian blouse is around 50 years old and has the characteristics of a ie from the western side of Romania.Timis region. 
- levi's jeans I found in a second hand shop.