Let me introduce you to this awesome designer!

"Saz Mifsud is a print brand born of the idea that a painting can become a piece of clothing. This concept has evolved from the desire to give every woman a print that tells her story- the colours must make her feel as though she is relating a small part of her life, or a characteristic of her personality"

Saz designs and sells printed silk accessories: scarves and ties. She creates all the digital prints herself from scratch. This current collection was inspired by seashells so she went to the beach and collected lots of different shells. Then, she photographed and painted them and put them on the computer for further development. They were then digitally printed on silks and cotton silk. 
The colours in this collection were inspired by minerals and crystals. They range from lavenders and neutrals to bright, bold oranges and purples.
The products are all hand-sewn giving them a luxury finish. They all come in special printed boxes of my her design and yes International shipping is available, so you can get one asap.

I really like the one that Saz picked up for me, I can wear it as a bracelet, in combination with different necklaces or even as a headband.I am really happy I had the opportunity to work with such a talented artist, and I think that if you are searching for a unique and high quality accessory for spring or summer night, her scarfs are just perfect. 

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