Is there someone somewhere who does not love cashmere? 
I want to introduce you guys to a very special cashmere. Ever heard of Citizen Cashmere? Probably YES
Well they own their goats and factory and have talented designers who create the most wonderful pieces, do I need to say more?
Citizen Cashmere are innovative in ethical animal treatment and environmental impact, this is a very important thing for me and I think that we should all start to be very aware of this issue first thing first.
There are important things they have in mind before creating pieces of clothing and I could not appreciate more how they see the whole fashion industry.

Let's learn from and about Citizens Cashmere:

So much clothing is made from polyethylene terephthalate and other plastics. Synthetic fabrics are soaked in formaldehyde and they add water resistance with PFC’s. Why does Warm need to be coated in fire retardant for safety? Why are consumers obsessed with acrylic sweaters?
Today the textile industry is one of the biggest sources of pollution.
Citizen Cashmere’s sweaters are 100% naturally produced using renewable processes and toxic-free dyes."
We use the heritage breed that is the same breed that has been used since the beginning of animal domestication in Mongolia. Without human interference, our goats grow just enough cashmere to protect themselves from temperature extremes. If left alone to nature, the winter coat would blow away in the wind. Our cashmere is 100% hand-combed during the molting season. (It’s very much like brushing your dog in March)
Our goats can live up to 25 years grazing on the grassland. They are always free range and never used for food by our Mongolian herders.
And by being aware of extremely important things we continue with some fashion details:
Cashmere always looks great with jeans and a white tee shirt, or dressed up at something more formal. The easiest way to get impact is to accessorize it so you look styled. Remember, the best accessory is confidence and a big smile! But having a team of French stylists backing your look up helps too.Citizen Cashmere’s collection lets you mix and match so you can dress up or dress down your outfits so you always have that classic chic with a touch of edge.
Some of our French designers’ favorite style pieces are those that cost the least. The trick is that it is all about the fit. As long as you are wearing cuts that fit you perfectly, it doesn’t matter what it costs.That is why we know you will love that Citizen Cashmere’s knitwear starts from $99.95 with free shipping and easy returns.
Our specifications are: 30mm length fibers and our thread is 15 microns thin. Nothing better exists.
Citizen Cashmere never blends its fabric with other materials.
What does that mean for you? You get a sweater that is the warmest thing you can wear for its size. Now you don’t need all those bulky layers.
See more and buy the most amazing cashmere pieces at citizencashmere.com