Part one

Considering a new project " RADACINI" that will feature people who inspire. Mostly I am trying to promote inspiring Romanians (but not exclusively) who are changing the country and are aware of the world around them. People who are doing beautiful and inspiring things and in whom I so deeply believe that will make a change.
But until I build this project from the roots up, I want to introduce Lauren Singer since I had the opportunity to talk to her some time ago while I was writing  for The Edit at Bloglovin'. She influenced so many people including me and I am truly happy I had the chance to ask her some questions.

Image via trashisfortossers

1. What is the most rewarding part of living a zero-waste life?

I save money by doing things like shopping secondhand and making my own products, and I eat so much better by refusing packaged processed foods and choosing to cook and eat fresh, local, organic food from the farmers market.

2. What is the first tip you'd give someone who is trying to embrace the zero-waste lifestyle? 

It doesn't matter where you start, just start. No step is too small. I like to suggest starting with little things like using a reusable bag, saying no to plastic straws, and using a reusable coffee cup. No action is too small to make a difference, and over time, all of those small actions turn into a big impact.

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